About FimiMONEY

FimiMONEY is payment service fintech platform that handles various types of payments from FIAT to Crypto. FimiMONEY enables local and cross border payment creating a whole new way to manage your finances for trade, payments and e-commerce globally.

Our FimiMONEY Payment Mall offers a slue of bill payment option for various services such as Utilities, Insurance Installments, Charity Contributions, Government payments, Taxi and Delivery Services, Gifts Cards, P2P, B2B and B2C Transactions.

Moving Money For Everyday People™

Some other Benefits of using the FimiMONEY Platform

– Accept FimiMONEY payments to drive sales and fund your business.
– Flexible Payment Options for you and your customers
– Increase Receivables Processing Options
– Increase Customer’s Loyalty
– Acquire More Cash-Base Customers
– Safe and Secure; Increase Security with Less Cash Around
– Get New Revenue from Reload( Debit Card /E-Wallet/MobileMoney )
– Get New Revenue as Cash-Out location
– Become A Mobile Money Player
– Increase Awareness for BRAND (In Store/Online)
– Gain Advantage Over your Competitors
– Open your very own ecommence store on FimiSHOP™ Network
– Refer Unlimited Users and get FimiREWARD™ Points.

For More information visit FimiMONEY.com


Each product item is carefully screened through OUTAONE HACCP Certified Facilities and checked before appearing on OUTAONE Market.


All produce is under the OUTAONE reputation, with clear origins, competitive pricing and quality very carefully selected.


With partner with the most timely shippers in the Caribbean by land, air or sea, to over 200 countries & regions.

We supply Supermarkets

OUTAONE Market is committed to fresh delivery produce to enterprises, catering enterprises, hotels, and food distribution companies home and abroad.

Care for Quality

We work with the best systemS and people in sorting, and grading our produce. Hand Picked and Selected with Care for Quality.


OUTAONE is committed to helping farming families with a better quality of life and the overall contribution of economic growth and development of the Caribbean.