Welcome to OUTAONE Market

OUTAONE Market is an online wholesale and Retail platform that links buyers and qualified sellers/suppliers locally, regionally and internationally. The platform can also facilitate the issuing and acceptance of purchase orders as well as to issue invoices on behalf of the sellers/suppliers. It also has blockchain capabilities for the reporting of all aspects of the supply chain from commencement of production to delivery of finished products, goods or services.

Simply put, the buyer is invited to open an account on OUTAONE Market and buy products in bulk directly from our OUTAONE Agro-Economic Zones from across the Caribbean.

OUTAONE Market is the sales engine, while OUTAONE Agro-Economic Zones provides HACCP sorting warehouse management, logistics, distribution, collection, and FimiMONEY™ provides the gateway to PAY, SEND and RECEIVE MONEY in over 200 currencies in an easy and secure way.


Each product item is carefully screened through OUTAONE HACCP Certified Facilities and checked before appearing on OUTAONE Market.


All produce is under the OUTAONE reputation, with clear origins, competitive pricing and quality very carefully selected.


We partner with some of the best logistics companies to deliver your goods Local, Regional and International by land, air or sea.

We supply Supermarkets

OUTAONE Market is committed to fresh delivery produce to enterprises, catering enterprises, hotels, and food distribution companies home and abroad.

Care for Quality

We work with the best systemS and people in sorting, and grading our produce. Hand Picked and Selected with Care for Quality.


OUTAONE is committed to helping farming families with a better quality of life and the overall contribution of economic growth and development of the Caribbean.